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Contracts, Model Release, Print Release, Copyright Release. What do they mean and which ones do you need

The biggest question for new photographers is usually related to the legal side of running a photography business. What the heck is a contract, model release, print release and copyright release?! which ones do I need and what are they for?! 

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JJC White Balance Filer (similar as ExpoDisc) $17.00 | Review

A lot of my studio work has a lot of white. White walls, white floor, white curtains, white clothes. So nailing white balance is really really important to me. I LOVE how easy this white balance filter is to use. All you have to do is cover your lens with it, snap a picture and then use that image to set your custom white balance. I...

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Canon 5D Mark III vs Nikon D800

I took a couple shoots of different things to see the difference and then used BOTH cameras in an actual session with two adorable twin boys. The pictures are 100% straight out of camera and un-edited. I'll go over a few things, but really just want to share actual images taken in the same set up, settings, lighting ...


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