4 Marketing Tips & How To Deal With Instagram's Big Changes

Noticing anything new on Instagram aside from the logo change?

"Instagram users may have briefly found themselves a tad confused earlier this week as the popular photo sharing app completely changed its logo and look. But under the hood, an even more ground-shaking change is underway that permanently changes how the service operates.

Soon images will no longer display in chronological order, but rather listed based on a proprietary algorithm. This is not necessary breaking news — the site itself announced back in March that it was making the change, and began testing it on a “select” number of users."

Source: Digital Trends

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I know there are many people disappointed in Instagram's new changes but I figured it would be the perfect time to talk a little bit about marketing strategies. Every time social media companies make a big change small business are usually the ones that feel most affected. As a small business we put a lot of effort into running our social media accounts because it's an amazing way to connect with clients so when something changes we can't help but freak out a little. 

With that said I wanted to not just write about Instagram's new changes since there are lots of articles going over the changes (click the link over to Digital Trends to read about the new algorithm) but a way we all should look at social media when running a business and four tips to build a strong marketing strategy. 


A marketing plan should never just depend on one marketing form; there are many ways you can market to new customers, and the best option is to figure out all the ways. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Monthly Newsletter - Update your customer and client base with what's going on with your company.

Schedule Posts on Facebook - Creating content that engaging on a regular basis is an excellent way to grow you fan page. Instead of posting random posts, think about the whole year and pre-schedule. I have a Social Media Content Planner with pre-made posts for photographers to help you organize your entire year and grow your following.

Connect with your clients on Instagram. Post engaging content on Instagram and don't also forget to engage with customers on their page too. It's a great way to start a two-way connection.

Retarget past clients and customers - you can do this via Google Ads & Facebook ads with Remarketing Ads.

Make sure your site ranks well naturally. An excellent way to do this is to ensure all your SEO is correct. If you don't yet understand how exactly SEO works, then I recommend signing up for my SEO class where I walk you through all the necessary steps and how you exactly what keywords you should be using to get ranked at the top.

Cross promote with local businesses. There are lots of small business around you that share the same type of clients. Why not contact them to help promote their business and get them to connect you with their customers.

Word of Mouth. Make sure to connect with past clients and get them actively to promote your business. Your best way to bring in more business is to focus on past clients you loved working with who will help connect you with more potential customers. They are your best asset when growing a business.

Focus on getting more traffic to YOUR site. Not your Instagram, or Facebook, but your actual home site. Having lots of fans and followers is wonderful, but that shouldn't be your only goal in running a business. You should have a marketing plan in place using tools like social media to get your business to be independently strong.

Having a strong marketing strategy is so important when running a business. Never depend on one source too much. There are a lot of business that focuses 100% on growing their fan page, or get as many followers on Instagram when they have no idea when changes can happen that might change everything they have worked so hard on. Develop a strong marketing strategy using many different forms of marketing, not just one platform that's available.

A few years back Facebook made some significant changes and changed how users saw posts. The small business struggled with it and quickly become upset with seeing such lack of results and the idea of paying for views for something that was free for so long wasn't something many people wanted to do. Instead of taking the time to understand how the new Facebook algorithms worked a lot of small business decided to jump ship and put all their effort into growing their Instagram pages. Which as we see now are making many of the same changes Facebook did back then. The best thing to do is educate yourself on the differences and learn ways to make them work for you and your business.


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