How To Get Your Social Media Presence To Go Viral

Social media is blowing up our culture - in a viral sort of way. Facebook was originally created to connect college peers with each other, but today Facebook is used to connect friends and family from near and far, share what’s going on in life, and advertise business. It’s truly amazing the amount of business return that can come from a social media presence and social media advertising. You’ll find that your photography materials are shared through your circle of friends, their circle of friends, and beyond. All you have to do to start? Post.

As photographers, we have it a little easier than other professions. People love to look at and share photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social platforms. Pictures are the favorite because they convey a quick message without the user having to work too hard. That means you can easily share your best work with your current clients, future clients, friends, and family. Social media gives you the opportunity to showcase your best work and tell the story of the occasion on a more personal, informal level.

The trick with successful social media campaigns is to narrow down the time frame when your posts will be seen the most by your targeted audience. For example, many people work during the day, so it’s not a great idea to post your best work at 10 in the morning. Then there’s the task of actually deciding what to post every day. That can be a chore in itself if you let it happen day-by-day.

I can help you solve these problems! The Social Media Content Planner helps you organize many posts at once so that they are ready to go for posting at appropriate times. Plus, I’ll let you in on the little secret as to the best time for posting on different platforms. It’s based on research and my own experience, and it has made an incredible difference in my social followers.

Stay social, friends, and download this planner now. It’s just $10, and you’ll definitely want this in your collection of photography materials.



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