CHEERS; Here's what we're celebrating in March!

I've decided that we all need to celebrate a bit more. I noticed that many small business owners such as myself spend a whole lot of time working, and very little time celebrating their accomplishments. I want to change that for myself and for those around me.

I had this idea and called my sister who also runs her own business and knows the struggle of working for yourself and not taking enough time to slow down. I explained to her how I wanted more of us who work at home to come together and take the time to recognize the work we put into our business and take a day to celebrate. 

So this week, I asked the amazing ladies in my Photography Business Success Class what they are most proud of this month and my goal is to put together a monthly article to celebrate with them because they deserve it! They need to know that they should be so proud of themselves for the things they are getting done. And if you have something your proud of this month then join us! 

Anyone who is crazy enough to pursue their dreams and spend countless hours investing into making it happen needs to take one day to raise a glass and give themselves a pat on the back.

Make today the day to do exactly that. -

C H E E R S 

Here's what we're celebrating in March!



I did an IPS this last weekend and the sale was over $1200.
I was very proud of that.
Erika Epley Thiele


I think for me it is achieving a larger community. Last year I didn't have much at all. But this year I've met two new friends through a group and we actually have a lot in common besides photography. I also became friends with a lady whose family has a peach tree farm who has allowed me to use their property without any fees and I can go whenever I want. I feel like I'm finally starting to get people who are working with me and helping. So just achieving more community is definitely an accomplishment.
 Holly Fortner Goshorn
Owner of H.G. Photography


I am doing taxes and realized I almost doubled my product $ sales from the year before .
Sometimes it's easy to get down in the moment, and we need to step back and look at the bigger broader picture.
Jennifer Traylor  


I just booked a prom session with a High School!
Alicia Rackley 


I had an image that placed as a finalist in this year's shoot and share contest!
I had a total of 14 photos place in the top 30% of the contest!
Katerina Foster 


Warner Brothers contacted the studio two days ago to ask for two of my images for set dressing. The movie has a scene in an OB office and they wanted images of babies hanging on the walls in the background. Who knows if you'll actually be able to see the prints in the background of the scene if it makes it into the movie, but it's still pretty cool and was a nice unexpected check. My clients were also super excited to sign off for their baby's images to possibly be seen in the movie haha.
Lauren Aubrey 


I entered the Shoot & Share Contest & 14 of my images were placed in the top 30%.
It made my year!
Laura Guzman


My studio remodel earlier this year is a big accomplishment.
Working with a local boutique to advertise for me.
Working hard to make my business grow.
-Sarah Cropper Nibert


Finding a solution to manage my stress as well as stepping out of my comfort zone. Collaborating with wedding calligraphy and get them professionally photographed as a start as venturing into a new direction for my business. 

Julia Stephens

Owner of Something French


I was featured on Shootproof together with Alison Winterroth and a few other very talented newborn photographers talking about taking pictures of awake and grumpy (I don't remember the exact term they used) newborns. I felt so humbled!

Andrea Krey

Owner of Andrea Krey Photography


I don't take a lot of time off work. 1. Because I love what I do, and 2. I work from home so it always feels like work is around me. Recently I've have had more stress than usual and I knew that I needed to slow down a little, spend a more quality time with family. I took an entire week off, focused 100% on being in the moment and told myself not to worry about work. I hung out with my family, we went on a little mini vacation, swam with some dolphins and made memories. I turned everything off and took a break. Coming back from taking time off I realize that business goes on, even when we take a little break. Taking time off is just as important as being productive while at work. My goal for the remaining part of the year, and upcoming years is to schedule actual time off, and then really put my feet up when I do.
Elena Ringeisen


So here's to celebrating, what did you do this month that you're proud of?

I might not be next to you but know I'm here having a drink and celebrating with you



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