I've decided that we all need to celebrate a bit more. I noticed that many small business owners such as myself spend a whole lot of time working, and very little time celebrating their accomplishments. I want to change that for myself and for those around me.

I had this idea and called my sister who also runs her own business and knows the struggle of working for yourself and not taking enough time to slow down. I explained to her how I wanted more of us who work at home to come together and take the time to recognize the work we put into our business and take a day to celebrate. 

So this week, I asked the amazing ladies in my Photography Business Success Class what they are most proud of this month and my goal is to put together a monthly article to celebrate with them because they deserve it! They need to know that they should be so proud of themselves for the things they are getting done. And if you have something your proud of this month then join us! 

Anyone who is crazy enough to pursue their dreams and spend countless hours investing into making it happen needs to take one day to raise a glass and give themselves a pat on the back.

Make today the day to do exactly that. 

C H E E R S 

Here's what we're celebrating in April;

I sat down eventually looked over all my books April-April and I have smashed my targets so put a deposit on a studio!!! So excited for a new adventure. 
I just sold my biggest collection for the first time, I'm in happy tears.
Andrea Krey
I decided in April to finally take the leap and change my newborn sessions to all white/cream. I'm so happy I finally made the choice to simplify my newborn sessions. I also started working with a local boutique to hand out my business cards in all their bags with every purchase.
Sarah Nibert
Achievement .... having 3 IPS sales this month go over $1000. That has been a huge help for us financially and I'm very proud of it.
Erika Thiele
I had 6 sessions this month compared to an average of 2-3 a month (some of them mini spring sessions). I'm getting the last of them edited and planning their IPS appointment but by the end of it all I'll be making two-three times what I've made in any of the other months this year! So it's a huge accomplishment for me!
Holly Goshorn
Owner of  H.G. Photography
I'm working on getting caught up with editing, reworking how I track business finances, did taxes, and had a video made for my website. Hoping to get it up there by the end of the month. Shot my favorite wedding so far on Sunday... there's not really ONE THING, unless that one thing is not falling behind.
Raelyn Elizabeth
April has been really tough for me. I made some huge mistakes but handled them with grace. I completely rebranded, created and ordered coffee mugs for client gifts. Made a client magazine that is 76 pages. Created a brand new website that goes live on the 1st. Created a new pricing guide. And I'm still going!
Carie Marie
I booked my 3rd wedding this year (I'm new this year!), I'm attending a wedding workshop this fri-sun!, and I booked a prom for May! WOAH! I also held my very first mini session which is for Mothers Day! I can't wait to give everyone their products and surprise!
Alicia Rackley
Well booked a few more clients for April. Hoping to keep bookings more. Starting boudoir photography, goes live in May.
Gwen Boucher 
This month I have been working on my images for our State Professional Print Awards (sending them off for printing today). It's been a goal of this year to enter the awards. I also publicly announced that I'm booking boudoir sessions! AND I booked my own boudoir session! Eeeek!
Rachel Sherman
Booked at least 2 sessions per week.
Jennifer Traylor
I officially booked our flights to Maui this month and it made everything feel so incredibly real. Making the decision to move my business to Hawaii has been a big one and although I have no idea what's waiting for me when I get there, everything about it feels so right. I'm excited about getting there and setting up my life and business and starting this new chapter. This is my business/life dream and making it happen feels incredible. And to think this all started with a small idea of pursuing something I was passionate about. 33 more days to go!
Elena Ringeisen 


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