Goals are one of the most powerful motivators you can have to drive you to achieve what you want, and one of the most useless when you don't know how to create a plan behind it. 

Everyone knows how to come up with goals, but few understand what to do with those goals. I want you to grab a piece of paper, and at the top of it, I want you to write down one of your goals. Write it boldly. Underline it. And take a nice good look at it.

Next, I want you to use the other portion of the paper to write down HOW you plan to get this goal accomplished. What specifically needs to happen for you to hit your goal.

If you're staring at your paper right now, thinking to yourself that you're not really sure what to put down, then you're like a lot of people out there. The good news is that this isn't a talent someone gets born with. This is something you can practice, and learn how to do, and the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Look at it like problem-solving.

You have a problem, and you know the answer but what's most important is the part in between. The part you write down how exactly you can get from the problem to the solution. The calculated formula that makes sense on paper, that's the part that matters the most.

When you have that, you'll be able to start on making any goal you set your mind to possible. Be creative in your problem solving and remember this;

If you keep doing what you’re doing now, you’re never going to have anything different than what you’ve already got.

Dream big, think big & create a plan that matters.



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