Beautiful Family Session On The Farm with Anna Lord

"Anna Lord is a visual artist based in Southern California who strives to capture organic emotions and the beauty that surrounds her subjects as well as narrate the quiet moments.

For nearly ten years, I have worked in various sectors of the creative industry including: wedding photography, wedding cinematography, fashion and editorial photography, graphic design, and illustration. I received a degree in Fine Art (concentration in analog photography) and French from California State University, Northridge.

I have lived in many cities within the United States as well as the South of France which has greatly influenced my work and the way I capture beauty. 

When I'm not working on creative projects, you can find me at a café with a cup of black coffee making to-do lists, enjoying frozen yogurt and laughing with my husband, making French Macarons under my catering business - Le Mignon Macaron, or (attempting) to play the bass and guitar."

Anna Lord

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