Apple Orchard Session With Lauren Peterson

"I'm Lauren; wife, mama of three, and fine art photographer. We call the Midwest home now, but our hearts were born & raised on the East Coast. I love the ocean and draw quite a bit of inspiration from the colors & movement of the shore. An avid coffee drinker, I find complete joy in meeting up with a friend for a cup to talk about life & you can usually find me laughing over the small things! 

Ever since I can remember, taking photos has always been a priority of mine. Throughout the years, I've adored pouring over old photographs of family members and every day adventures. Life is so precious; we should take the time to capture each memory--a moment frozen in time to last for years to come. 

I believe in capturing moments in a timeless way & tend to guide my clients away from traditional posing and into more candid moments that unfold naturally--the moment just before a kiss, or your littles tugging on your dress. The beautiful in-between moments are my absolute favorite!"
Lauren Peterson
Indianapolis, Indiana
“A place where photographers can get inspired, learn and continue to grow.
In addition to offering some of the best products for professionals, we are excited to start featuring
photographers from around the world and showcase their portraits documenting what they love.”


I’m Elena, an island girl, mama of three, who took a dream and turned it into a million-dollar business.

For me, business and life are bound together. I'm passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs build & manage their business with strategies that are easy to follow and lead to more profitable, sustainable business growth.

My goal is to simplify your business life and help you create work that's a reflection of your style. I'm so excited you're here and share with you everything I know! 
I’m so excited you’re here! 


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