JJC White Balance Filer (similar as ExpoDisc) $17.00 | Review

I love this handy new JJC WHITE BALANCE FILTER I bought of amazon!

I promised to take a few pictures of it in use. I took half the shots with it being on AWB and the other half with a custom white balance using the JJC White Balance Filter. The best thing about it is that it only costs $17 vs the very well known expodisc that costs $70+ and works just as great!

A lot of my studio work has a lot of white. White walls, white floor, white curtains, white clothes. So nailing white balance is really really important to me. I LOVE how easy this white balance filter is to use. All you have to do is cover your lens with it, snap a picture and then use that image to set your custom white balance. I actually love the fact that isn’t doesn’t have to snap onto my lens. It’s large enough so I can just hold it over ANY of my lenses and snap a quick picture.

I loved this review on amazon, I’ll share it here as well, that way you can read a review from someone who was able to use the expodisc and the JJ white balance filter side by side.

“Ok, I wavered on this purchase. I work on a corporate video team, and we all have DSLR’s we use for photos and video. My buddy always whipped out his expo disk and touted the amazing accurate white balance it provided. I was impressed and I could tell it was much better than my crappy white card method. (Which often resulted in a hint of cold tones that were unbecoming). I set off to purchase myself one of these magic expo disks and suffered major sticker shock. After doing a lot of online shopping, I decided to give this Ezfoto disk a shot. I told my buddy and he seemed to doubt the Ezfoto because of the price. Yesterday we did a shoot together that lasted all day and over 7 locations. We both used my Ezfoto disk and by the end of the day my buddy was cursing the bloated price of the expo disk. “Damn, this thing is just as good, and easier to use because of the larger size and the handle. And it looks just as good and accurate!” So take it from someone who has used both, save yourself a ton of money and spend it on some ND filters or new sd cards, or something else your camera rig needs.”

If white balance is something you struggle with, save yourself some time and get it! I promised to take a few pictures with this new filter. I took half of them on auto, and the others setting the custom white balance with the white balance filter. I took a few different pictures to show how it works in different types of light.


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