The Secret To How My Photography Business Made $115K In A 90 Day Span & Over $300,000 For The Year

Let me tell you: I learned a lot about building a business through trial and error. Those were the days that I was making just about $10,000 per year through photography. I had the photography piece of it on point, but the business side was where I needed to focus. Luckily I found some success through my errors and bumped my $10,000 annual income to over $115,000 during a 90 day span and over $300,000 for the year. It is incredible! Here’s the thing: I want to share it all with you.

I mean it when I say I want to share it all. I’m not really into keeping secrets when it comes to business. The more photographers that I can help grow a business, the better. However, I do keep each month’s class to a minimum of registrants because I like to provide 1:1 relationships. The best part of my digital photography courses are that they all take place online.

Through an online forum, I am able to connect with you and a few other professional photographers that are in the same place. We cover the development of your business, the growth of your business, long term success, and social media. Many of my products are included with the digital photography course registration fee, plus you’ll have access to my complete attention during the course. I check-in every day to answer your questions and offer advice. I love these photography business courses because it’s a way for me to offer you a plan to successfully grow your business, and I support you with the tools you need.

Let’s do this! Register here.


I’m Elena, an island girl, mama of three, who took a dream and turned it into a million-dollar business.

For me, business and life are bound together. I'm passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs build & manage their business with strategies that are easy to follow and lead to more profitable, sustainable business growth.

My goal is to simplify your business life and help you create work that's a reflection of your style. I'm so excited you're here and share with you everything I know! 
I’m so excited you’re here! 


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