It’s Time For The Easter Collection Of Digital Backdrops!

Easter is right around the corner! It’s hard to believe, considering it’s the end of January. But Easter is at the end of March this year, on the 27th. A challenge all photographers face at one time or another is staying relevant with clients. The Easter Collection of overlays and digital backdrops is the perfect way to give your clients exactly what they want this season.

All of the digital backdrops and animal overlays from Modern Market are available with instant download upon purchase. The entire Easter Collection is just $25, and it’s yours to keep forever.

With this collection, you can turn standard children photo sessions into memorable, themed pictures by placing a cute little bunny, fluffy ducklings, baby chicks, or a curly-haired lamb in the photo. We can only imagine how difficult it may be to actually pose children with a fluffy duckling, which is why are are so thankful for modern technology and digital editing. By purchasing digital backdrops and animal overlays, you are able to keep the children focused on creating sweet pictures and then placing the animals in the photo during post-processing.

Keep in mind the general place you may want to set the animals in the photos so you can create great poses for the children. One of the common favorites is the child holding out his or her hands and then laying the baby bunny in the hands. The possibilities are endless with the entire Easter Collection! If you would like to purchase only one piece of the collection, all animals are sold separately.

I hope you have some fun using these great overlays and digital backdrops. Don’t be shy with your final products, and please share them with me!


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I’m so excited you’re here! 


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