A short while ago I created a quick how-to video to show photographers the fun and easy way to add playful bubbles to any photo. These bubbles look great when added to photos taken inside or outside because the bubbles are easy to add and manipulate in order to match any lighting and surroundings. Quickly access the photo editing tutorial to watch how I used and changed bubbles for my photos

The eight bubbles are a $3 overlay available for immediate download. The overlay is useful in softwares that allow you to edit using layers including Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom, and Paint Shop Pro. Once you purchase the bubble overlay, it’s yours to keep and use forever for both personal and professional post-processing. There are bubbles of different sizes and clarity to help you create a unique, authentic-looking scene, such as the one starring this little princess.

This little girl in the photo (taken by Patty K Photography) is drifting away into her own fairytale. Without the bubbles, the photo shows a little girl dreaming of the princess life in her storybook, but the viewer feels like she is truly transported into a playful day full of princesses and floating imagination when the bubbles are added to the photograph.

It’s quite simple to add the bubbles. The video will show you exactly how to copy and paste the different sized bubbles, change the opacity, and edit the bubble to match the surroundings. Each bubble is its own layer, so you can change the size and placement of the different bubbles on each of your images. It doesn’t have to be the same bubble pattern for every photo. This is the greatest way to add a soapy surprise to the photos without having to prepare in-house or to clean the bubbles from your studio.

Check out the video tutorial before you purchase the Bubble Overlay Set, or if you already own the bubbles, check out the photo editing tutorial on Modern Market’s Facebook “How-To” video collection. The steps are simple, and the photos are perfectly playful. You won’t regret spending $3 on this fun digital overlay.


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