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Desktop & Mobile Presets Packs

These preset packs come with both mobile presets that are compatible with the Lightroom Mobile App which is available in the App store for FREE as well as all presets for Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC which can be used on the computer. There is no subscription required if you use the mobile app and these presets can easily be install these presets directly to your mobile phone.

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Legal Photography Contracts

One of the most crucial aspects of owning a photography business is managing the legal aspect of client contracts. I partnered with an incredible photographer-lawyer extraordinaire, to help create a standard for legal forms that specifically target the photography industry. She created amazing legal forms for professional photographers to use that nail down the important legal side with such detail without overcomplicating them and keeping it easy for photographers to understand and explain to clients. 

Professional Presets

These presets are developed from real portrait sessions, ensuring that the adjustments made work beautifully for all portrait photographers. Our focus will always be to bring out beautiful color tones and natural light. We are proud that our presets are used by 80,000+ professional photographers worldwide. All collections work in Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, Photoshop ACR and can be synced to Lightroom Mobile.

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Studio Success Tools


We exist to give valuable time back to professional photographers by helping
them simplify and manage their photography business. 
Making it easier than ever to spend more time doing what matters most. 

Love using pretty planners, pen, and paper? 
Then you'll love The Complete Photography Business Planner.

Want to manage your business for FREE?


THE ESSENTIAL STUDIO MANAGER is for those looking to bring their business management to the next level. With a FREE basic plan and a
Pro Plan that's currently only $15 a month, it's the most affordable managing software including all the top features for professional photographers!