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#1 BEST seller. We all know how time-consuming it can be to get the perfect blanket or wall fade. If you're looking for something easy to use that will give you the perfect blanket or wall fade with just a click of a button every time then you look no further.

I designed this brush bundle to help me with my editing and speed up the process. It is perfect for any type of fade, especially blanket/backdrop fades. The bundle comes with two different brushes, one that is for blankets and one that is for wall fades. Just choose your color and click, then erase over your subject. 

Please watch Video Tutorial in product tab to see how to apply this fade brush. 

Special thank you to Tara Lindley Photography & M&K Slowinski Photography for allowing me to use some of her beautiful newborn portraits to showcase the fade brush. You can find more of their gorgeous work on her

Tara Lindley Photography WEBSITE, FAN PAGE & INSTAGRAM

M&K Slowinski Photography WEBSITE, FAN PAGE & INSTAGRAM

Here's a quick before & after of what the fade brush can do! 

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  • Download your file (you should have gotten an e-mail with your download link
  • Locate the file that is in the folder
  • Download your brushes
  • Make a backup copy somewhere and save them.
  • If the file came Zipped then double click it to unzip it.
  • The easiest way to install brushes into your editing program is to double click it.
  • Once you have double clicked it, it should prompt your editing program to open up. Click on your brush pallet and it will be the last brush there.