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built BY Community

a managing software built by a community of photographers

“Many of the features you see on the site today, were recommended by photographers just like you. We feel like in order to create a tool that lines up with what professional photographers need in today's modern world it would be best for us to build a community around our essential studio manager. Instead of guessing on what photographers want, we choose to listen to your feedback, implement features you would love to see and build the absolute best managing tool for photographers by doing so. We consider those part of our community as an essential part of our team and love making their managing dreams a reality.

We are proud to be the only site that connects our users directly with our developers so they can request exactly what they want to see.

The Essential Studio was founded by Elena, owner of Modern Market & Modern Baby Photography. And her husband Jon who is able to translate our biggest dreams into a functional site, making it not only beautiful, but also incredibly user friendly and functional." 


everything you need to manage your business

Overview Dashboard

Easily view everything important in one convenient place.

Client Database

Use the client database to store all your clients and book all your sessions, while also staying organized.

Google Calendar

When you book a session or add an event to your calendar it will automatically sync it to your google calendar.

Mobile Friendly

We understand that a big portion of our users use our services via a mobile device, so we have built The Essential Studio Manager with that in mind.

Session Tracker

Looking to stay organized and never lose track of your sessions? The Session Tracker does just that.

Booking Emails

You can send a booking confirmation, reminder, or cancellation email to your clients.

Custom Checklists

You can create a custom checklists to your liking and assign it to a session so you can track your progress of that session.

Custom Packages

Add all the packages you offer and assign to a session once a client decides on one. This way you don't forget your packages.


Don't want to miss an event, with notifications it keeps you informed on upcoming and past events.

Income Tracker

Keep track of payments made by your clients and you can add any other income source here also.

Expense Tracker

Keep track of what needs to be worked on and what has already been completed with our new ToDo List.

Potential Clients

Do you have a lead but don't want to add them to your client database just yet, add them here.


Create custom questionnaires that your clients can fillout and you get their responses.  

Archive Data

If you want to hide a session or client but don't want to delete it, you can archive it and still have access to it.

Personalized Reports

Easily see how your business is doing by looking at personalized reports. Beautiful graphs based on your data.

Contracts & eSignatures

You can create custom contract templates that you can attach to a client and send for an electronic signature while staying notified every step of the way.


We get a lot of questions on how it's possible that we made this software so incredibly affordable. Our answer is simple; We know first hand what it's like to start a business. We know how much even $5 means to a small business that's just getting started. We felt it was important that there was a software out there that could help business owners manage their entire business while at the same time making it affordable. Our software was created and designed up us personally. We have invested out very own money and time into making this possible, and in the end made it possible to keep costs as low as possible for those who use it.

There are many managing softwares to choose from, and just like photographers, every tool has it's own style, functionality and features. We hope that you give us a go, and in the end, find a software that meets your needs as a business owner.


notes from those who  use the ESM

" I have been looking at so many managers before and they never were easy to follow, keep up with or the people didn't listen. This, this here is awesome and you listen and learn and want too! So from all the photographers out there, THANK YOU So so much!"

Laura Jongenburger



  • UNLIMITED Packages
  • UNLIMITED Support
  • BASIC Calendar
  • 5 Clients
  • 5 Incomes
  • 5 Tasks
  • 5 Events
  • 5 Sessions



  • UNLIMITED Packages
  • UNLIMITED Support
  • Google Calendar
  • UNLIMITED Clients
  • UNLIMITED Incomes
  • UNLIMITED Events
  • UNLIMITED Sessions
  • UNLIMITED Questionnaires



  • SAVE $10
  • UNLIMITED Packages
  • UNLIMITED Support
  • Google Calendar
  • UNLIMITED Clients
  • UNLIMITED Incomes
  • UNLIMITED Events
  • UNLIMITED Sessions
  • UNLIMITED Questionnaires

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