The Business Success Class

I teach entrepreneurs how to build their dream business.

T H E   B L U E P R I N T

I cover everything you need to turn your passion into a profitable reality. 

L I F E   L O N G   S U P P O R T

My promise to you is this; If you additional help, encouragement and support, I'll be there anytime you need.


The goal of this class is simple. To help you put a plan of action behind your business and grow.

building dream businesses

built on the foundation of passion and vision

“I'm Elena, a big dreamer, usually barefoot living the dream in Maui drinking way too much coffee. Mama of two, married to my sweetheart. For me, my business and life are bound together. Working for myself doing something I'm passionate about has given me the financial freedom to work from anywhere in the world. It made it possible for my husband to quit his job, and for us to move our little family to Maui. You see, that's my big dream. Doing what I love, spending every day with my husband & raising our two kids on the island of Maui.

 My approach to working with fellow small business owners is intensely personal. I see right to the heart of the matter for my clients and works with them to understand what it is they most want from their life and their art. I help entrepreneurs to build a business based entirely on their personal goals and vision of success which will ensure they lead the life they’ve always wanted.

I became a business consultant and coach to make this lifestyle possible for others as well. Especially women who want both, a successful career doing something they are passionate about, and be a full-time stay at home mom. I work with others to see the possibilities instead of the obstacles in developing a solid business plan.

So far, I've created two successful businesses, and just recently launched a third. There's a science to creating successful businesses and I'm happy to share my knowledge with those ready to implement the same strategies!"


everything you need to turn your passion into a profitable reality. 

Business Development

Business Success Steps
Finding your Why and your Goals
Style & Vision


Strong Marketing Strategy
Understanding Promotions
Creative Ways to Market Your Business

Client Management 

Finding The Right Clients
Defining Your Dream Client
Client Communication
Customer Experience
Finding Clients That Value What You Offer
The Art of Closing The Booking Deal
Turning Clients Into Repeat Clients
Growing a Client Base
Loyalty Program

Social Media

Social Media Secrets
Social Media Content Builder
Growing on Social Media

Pricing Strategies

Pricing for Profit
Pricing Structure Quiz
Pricing Calculator
Make or Break Your Business
Pricing Mistakes to Avoid
Digital or In-Person Sales
Collecting Payments From Clients

Legal Structure

Legal Structure
Legal Contracts

Search Engine Optimization

Understanding SEO
The Perfect Keywords
Doing Keyword Research
Personal Keyword List
SEO Checklist


Building Your Personal Brand

Long Term Business Success

Business Organization
Working From Home
One Rule That Could Change Your Business
Long Term Goals


is this the right class for you?

These strategies are the same ones I used to build my own million dollar business and can be implemented right away by anyone that is ready to put in the hard work and wants to create a striving business with an income they can depend on doing something they love.

Since I manage all aspects of my business alone, I keep class registration very low which allows me to give those that need my help enough personal time. Please take the time to read through everything that is included to determine that this is the right fit for you.


notes from those who have taken the class

"My outlook on my business and my art has already changed and I'm just getting started. I can not wait to apply everything I have learned"

"I work less and make more which means I'm not staying up all hours and losing sleep. I schedule no more than I feel I can handle. This class will save your life."

"This class is so amazing and I'm so excited to start my business the way that I should have started it, to begin with. I now have all the steps that I need, instead of bits and pieces of it."

one-time payment

One time payment of $500
(limited spots available)