Personal Development

the foundation of your business

T H E  P H O T O G R A P H Y    B U S I N E S S   B L U E P R I N T     

Please print the business blue print (download found on page one) before getting started so you can fill it out as you go through the class material.
Filling out the information on here will make it possible for me to get to know you personally as well as get a better understanding on what you would like to do. Filling out the business blue printable is there for you to have something on paper that you can fill out as you go through the material. This is for you and I recommend filling these out yearly as a way to refocus yourself and your goals. 

We start with personal development because my class is here to help creatives build their business based on their personal visions and goals. I am not here to define success to you; I am here to help you find out what success means to you and then help develop a plan to get you there. The truth about helping someone who is passionate about something and wants to turn it into a profitable business is that it will only end up successful if I'm able to help them find out what they value, envision for their future, fear, and dream of becoming. When you build your business around your personal definition of success, around everything that you are truly passionate about, that's when you'll start seeing real results. My class curriculum is here to guide you through creating a personal blueprint and show you the path of turning your passion into a profitable business, working with people who value you as an artist and give you personal freedom to live the life you dream of having. 

The questions below are there to get you to think about who you are, what you want, your fears, your strengths, goals, and wishes. The most important part of your business is you, and that's where we will start. 


I know it's easier to go through these questions and answer them mentally and skip those that you're not sure what the answer is. You're probably more excited about getting more knowledge than writing down your very own thought but I promise you, to thrive in this class and get your business where you want, you need to write your thoughts down. Put your goals on paper and have something to hold yourself accountable.


personal letter to yourself 

You have taken a HUGE step for yourself and your business, and I'm so excited for you. Before I start going over all the material I need you to do one thing. I want you to sit there and think why this class is so important to you. I want you to write a letter to yourself on why you're taking this class and make yourself a promise that you will stick with and will give it your absolute best shot. It will be a lot of hard work, but I know you have it in you.   

This is your life, your business, and your dream.


I want you to reflect on finding your why. Ask yourself why you started a photography business, why is it important to you. 

What drives you forward? What is your biggest reward in running a successful business? 

I want your business to be built on your answer. There will be times of failure; there will be times you won’t want to keep going. A lot of things will change throughout the year for your life and business, but your why will always remain the same. Ready to dig deep and answer some important question? What is your WHY? Remember - answering this one question is going to be the core of building a successful business. You need to have a why to do it day after day, year after year. 

getting to know yourself

I know that probably took some time, some of the questions probably were a littler harder to answer than others. You might wonder why I start this class with such an overload of getting you to think about who you are, what your great at, struggle with and fear. The truth is that each question has a purpose and are questions I ask myself once a year to ensure that I am on the right path and these questions will do the same for you.   

As a creative we live in an industry that all too often leads us to compare ourselves to others, doubting what we are doing and are told what success looks like. I will never tell you what success looks like, and want you to realize that it's your job to paint that picture, don't let anyone that do that for you. Once you have that vision for your business and life, you'll notice that as long as you stay true to who you are, you'll be unstoppable.There is only one of you in this world, and you were the only one who can answer these personal questions for yourself. Build your business around who you are, and define what success looks like to you.   

Next, we dive into business development.
You'll learn to determine what you want your business to become.
Every big business out there started with a simple dream and yours is no different! 


the online class curriculum 

everything you need to turn your passion into a profitable reality. 

Personal Development

  • Importance of Personal Development 
  • Connecting personal with business 
  • Creating a Business Blueprint
  • Finding Your Why 
  • Creating Goals 
  • A simple Promise
  • Happiness
  • Values
  • Fears
  • Future

Business Development

  • Business Success Steps
  • Finding your Why and your Goals
  • Style & Vision

Legal Structure

  • Legal Structure
  • Legal Contracts

Pricing Strategies

  • Pricing for Profit
  • Pricing Structure Quiz
  • Pricing Calculator
  • Make or Break Your Business
  • Pricing Mistakes to Avoid
  • Digital or In-Person Sales
  • Collecting Payments From Clients


  • Branding
  • Building Your Personal Brand

Client Management 

  • Finding The Right Clients
  • Defining Your Dream Client
  • Client Communication
  • Customer Experience
  • Finding Clients That Value What You Offer
  • The Art of Closing The Booking Deal
  • Turning Clients Into Repeat Clients
  • Growing a Client Base
  • Loyalty Program


  • Strong Marketing Strategy
  • Understanding Promotions
  • Creative Ways to Market Your Business

Search Engine Optimization

  • Understanding SEO
  • The Perfect Keywords
  • Doing Keyword Research
  • Personal Keyword List
  • SEO Checklist

Social Media

  • Social Media Secrets
  • Social Media Content Builder
  • Growing on Social Media

Long Term Business Success

  • Business Organization
  • Working From Home
  • One Rule That Could Change Your Business
  • Long Term Goals


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