11-in-1 ESSENTIAL STUDIO MANAGER - Everything you need in one place!

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Every photographers dream come true! 

I’ve taken my professional photography business knowledge and designed a tool to help you do exactly that - the Essential Studio Manager is here to help you keep your business organized and make your life easier. You’ll finally have everything about your photography business plan in one place.

I have to admit: I absolutely love, love, love creating Excel spreadsheets and keeping everything perfectly organized. Something about having everything where it needs to be and easy to find is so rewarding, not to mention I get all giddy when I see it all at the end of the year perfectly filled out and complete. I used to have all my important information in multiple locations and always had the hardest time staying on top of it, so I decided one day that I would create an amazing tool to keep ME and my business organized. My time is so important to me. The less time I need to spend finding something or updating something means I get more time with my husband and children.

I’m sure many of you photographers who run your own business can relate to things getting overwhelming when everything is kept in different places. Constantly trying to figure out where you wrote something important down can become very frustrating quickly. This is where the 11-in-1 Essential Studio Manager comes in. The perfect tool for photographers to manage their time more efficiently and an innovative way to also track your business progress and see exactly where you are with each session, sales, expenses and taxes. Guaranteed to help run your business more efficiently and keep you organized!

I have tried many different types of tools and felt none of them has everything I really needed to keep my photography business organized. Often enough it seemed like it was more work having to login to different software, adding multiple projects and having to click in and out of different sections which felt overwhelming and even harder to find what I was looking for. I created the 11-in-1 Essential Studio Manager FOUR years ago. I have worked to revamp the entire product and have added even more pages to it to help you run your business like a pro! Not to mention this manager is SO pretty and easy to use! Once you have purchased this photography business plan, it will be yours forever. No monthly fees. No upgrades to purchase. If I upgrade it, you'll be first in line to get the new copy! This is THE product to help manage your photography business. 

  • You can use this on a mac or pc
  • Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) usable in Excel & Google Sheets 
  • Open Document Formal (.ods) usable in Open Office
  • Instructions on opening and using product
  • Must have Excel or Open Office or Google Sheets (FREE) to use this product

You’re probably wondering what this amazing 11-in-1 studio manager does, so let me tell you! When you first open it up you see that there are multiple pages that feature different things for you and your business.


  • A page to check off all the different daily business duties we have as photographers. You'll have an easy way to check of posting on different social media accounts, networking, returning e-mails and phone calls. We have to do a lot every day. Never miss an important task again.


  • This page is where you can ‘add a new client.’ You fill out all of their information, name, address, number, e-mail. You can even add who referred them! Look at this as your little black book of clients. This page is also perfect for sending out any type of e-mails to your clients. You will have all of your clients e-mail addresses stored in one column and can copy the entire column and email them your latest specials and updates. Pretty easy right?!


  • Use this page to add ALL your leads in one place. It's so easy to forget to follow up with those that contact us. This is what this page is for. You'll be able to add their information and then mark them as 'booked' when they finalize something with you. Let's turn every potential client into a booking client! 


  • Have you ever wished that there would be an easy way to track important dates for all your clients? If yes, you'll absolutely love this! This is where you can add your clients important dates. Let's say you have a maternity client, you can now add her little one's due date as well as when the baby turns 3, 6, 9, 12 months old - you'll never miss a milestone again, and your clients will love you for remembering all their special dates. 


  • This page is there to track your progress and let you know exactly where you are for each session as well as shows you your clients information. 


  • The lower portion of this page is designated to your ‘session checklist.’ I’ve put together every step taken and added a very convenient checklist. It covers everything from sending out that very first welcome email to sending out the very last ‘thank you’ email and EVERYTHING in-between -ordering prints, sending reminders, creating a blog post, etc. You have everything listed for EACH session, and all you need to do is add the date that you completed a step. It will calculate how much you have completed (it will tell you what % you've completed). You’ll see exactly where you are for each client, what all has been completed, and what still needs to get done. Best of all, you will know exactly on what date something was completed. What I love about it is when I’m working on multiple sessions at once, I know exactly where I am for each of my clients.


  • I've added this page because I love to-do lists. There is something so rewarding about checking of tasks and completing what needs to get done. This page is here for you to add all your to-do-list tasks in one place. You'll also have two columns, one to write when it needs to be done by and another for the official complete date. 


  • Want to track your income and see exactly what your clients are spending? This ‘Client Investment’ is there to tell you exactly that! Not only can you add your clients investments and see the total for that but it will also tell you your state's sales tax for each individual payment (ie. session fee, print order, etc). You can change it to your state on the expenses page, just add your state tax amount to the 'tax amount' box, and it will change it to your state's sales tax percent and calculate each payment as well as the tax amount. Each payment also has a location where you can add the date it was paid, so you will know exactly when a payment was received.  It will show your SESSION TOTAL, GRAND TOTAL, as well as your TAX TOTAL! Talk about a time saver!


  • Track every type of business expense on your personal ‘Expenses’ page! Running your own business takes a lot. It is SO important to track your expenses so you know what you’re spending on your business and can get the most back in taxes at the end of the year. I know this is probably one of the hardest things to remember. I used to be terrible at keeping track of this. I would stuff receipts into a little folder or somewhere in my purse and ‘promise myself’ I would remember to organize it once I got home. I even had a little note pad that I would track my mileage with…lets be honest. I know i’m not the only one who misplaced that trackpad and lost half my receipts ;)

  • Here is your ONE page that will track ALL of your expenses! Just add the date, memo, category & amount and you're good to go! There's even a spot for you to add your gear's serial number (for all your camera and tech gear!) 


  • Since we’re already tracking your client's investment and your expenses, I added a page to let you know your financial standings. You will know your grand total for client investments, your expenses, your tax information and - best of all - it tells you your NET PROFIT instantly! I absolutely love this feature because all throughout the year I can check exactly where I stand.


  • What better way to stay organized than keep all your booked session dates and important reminders in a monthly calendar?! Each month has it’s own designated page. You will know exactly what important dates are coming up and won’t have to spend any additional time checking to see if you already have something planned on that upcoming weekend. Each month also has an additional space to add reminders or notes, so if there’s anything else you want to add, just add it there. Each day has multiple lines to write on and you can even color code the squares (you can make all your booked session dates RED, all your available dates GREEN, mini session dates ORANGE…etc. you get the point!)

  • On the right side you'll also see you can add what contracts need to be sent and collected and what payment needs to be collected. We have made this so easy for you! 

Your license allows you to use this for your photography business or personal use. You are not permitted to share this with any anyone else for free or for profit. Due to the digital nature of what is being sold, we cannot issue refunds.  

Once order has been received, e-mail with download will be sent instantly!



Thanks for creating such a great tool for photographers, this is a must have!
Thanks so much for the fantastic Studio Manager template! It is so easy to use and everything is included. I also love that it tracks who your client was referred by. It’s so easy to customise and at a quick glance I can check the finance report and know what my profit margin is. A great incentive to work harder towards my financial goals.
It keeps track of all my clients contact numbers and addresses, deposits that have been paid and how much was their total spend. I finally feel like I will be in control and know where I am at. It is time to work smarter not harder!!
Thanks for offering such a great business tool. Worth every cent!
LOVE this!
Bought it, downloaded it, and it works like a charm!! THANKS!
This is amazing!  Thanks for saving me tons of time and aggravation!
This is going to save me so much time!! Thank you, thank you, thank  you!!!



Google Sheets is free for anyone with a Google account. Find Google sheets by logging in and then visiting this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets

  1. Login into Google sheets
  2. Click “start a new spreadsheet”
  3. Click File > Open
  4. Upload Google.xlsx file
  5. Drag the .xlsx file into space
  6. It will open up the file in your Google sheets
  1. Locate Excel.xlsx file
  2. Right click
  3. Open in Excel


  1. Locate OpenOffice.ods file
  2. Right click
  3. Open in Open Office 


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