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I am passionate about what I do because I simply love what I do. I am taking all my talents, technically, artistically, and business-wise and creating one amazing workshop that covers it all. I wanted to create a workshop retreat that is refreshing, inspiring and a place for photographers to come and learn. This workshop will only have THREE (only TWO seats left!) seats available to insure everyone who comes will get lots of 1:1 attention to learn from me directly. 

Expect to learn A TON! This will be an ALL-DAY comprehensive workshop that will teach you the in-depth principals of working with clients and creating the most stunning portraits. During this one day workshop I will cover all aspects of running a successful business, working with clients, as well as creating your dream business. We will spend the entire day going over material and will spend a large portion of this day traveling around the island shooting beautiful portraits in the most amazing locations. I'm seriously so excited for this workshop and will be keeping this very small and private to allow us to explore and create something amazing together. 



We will start of by going over everything I do that makes my business successful. We will have plenty of time to cover all questions. There will be a focus on the business aspect, including a marketing portion and how to find your dream clients. Lets face it, running a business is not easy these days and it’s so important to be business savvy in todays world. I'll teach you all my little tricks and tips i've learned along the way and you'll see how applying these steps to your own business will be a huge game changer. 

I'll be there to show you what I do at my sessions, how I get my clients comfortable, what camera settings I'm using & you will be there to shoot right by my side. We will cover using natural lighting, posing, how to capture details and emotion while shooting. I will also go over different natural lighting techniques; such as those very airy backlit images I love creating. You will be shooting through out the workshop and are welcome to use any of the images for your portfolio.


It would take a full day to edit the entire gallery so i've decided that everyone who attends will also receive a full recording of me editing a complete gallery with the images taken at the workshop. The great thing about this is that you'll be able to re-watch the video as  many times as you need, pause, and work on your own images at your own page long after the workshop is over. 


After we get done shooting we will head to dinner and will spend the rest of the evening together as a group. 

If this sounds like something you want to be apart of (I’m hoping it is!) book your spot. Remember, they are limited spots available . It’s important for me to keep the workshop classes small and personal. I want to be able to give each of the attendees’ 1:1 attention. Most of all I want you to leave this workshop feeling inspired to bring your business and portraits to the next level.



    Please bring your DSLR as well as a prime lens such as the 50mm lens or 35mm and memory cards. You should know how to shoot in manual mode and have a basic understanding of post processing. If you have a laptop please bring it! 

    I will be doing A LOT of talking, so get ready to take notes! 


    July 2nd, 2016


    Oahu Hawaii