Photoshop ACR Presets | The Valley Isle Collection

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Inspired by the Valley Isle, Maui and my love for documenting my children. Muted organic tones, beautiful tan skin tones and that island vibe you see everywhere you go here. Since moving to Maui I've been working on creating a preset collection that has that beautiful organic feel to it to match my regular indoor studio work. I wasn't planning to create a full 40 piece collection since it was just going to be for my own personal family photos but I loved it so much that I just had to make a full collection to share it with all of you. Below you'll see some of my life moments (mainly of my two kids) you'll notice how the color tones blend beautifully with indoor and outdoor photos. If you're looking for something that matches the white studio, or pure collection but has more muted outdoor colors then this is it! 

NOTE: These presets are a little different than my other 40 piece collection, you'll notice that you have multiple presets, with set adjustments connected to it. To use the preset, simply choose your favorite and then click the layerings presets (+Lens Correction, +Light or +Soft to create your perfect portrait) The presets won't brighten up your image so you have the freedom to adjust it to make it bright and airy, or dark and moody!


  • 40 beautiful presets

This collection is for you if you love;

  • Organic feel
  • Muted Colors
  • Sharp Details 
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor sessions
  • Option to create bright and airy or dark and moody with these!

In the video below is a click-through of every preset included, no additional adjustments were made in the video or before and after. I spend a lot of time creating my presets and want to make them easy to use for portrait photographers. The goal is to use presets to speed up your post-processing and help you achieve the look you absolutely love. 

You'll also see a gallery below-showcasing portraits using this collection.


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Installing Lightroom Presets
To view instructions with pictures please go HERE 1. Open Lightroom and go to Develop Mode.

2. The first thing we need to do is create a place for your new presets. Right click on one of your LR preset folders and choose "NEW FOLDER".  

3. Type in the collections name here. You can rename this later if need be.

4. Once that step is complete you'll see a new preset folder. It won't have any presets in it yet, but that's what we will do next!

5. Right click your new folder, and click "IMPORT". This will get a window to pop up. 

6. Browse to where you have saved the unzipped Lightroom presets folder. If you put them on your desktop they will be easy to find! Open up that folder, and highlight all the presets and click import! 

7. Awesome Job! You'll now see all your new presets listed in your folder! 

    It is the end users responsibility to have basic knowledge of downloading, loading and using products. Please do not send e-mails asking about the use of products and/or installation.


    Refunds, Returns & Exchanges

    I have spent countless hours developing and testing presets, as well as put a lot of hard work by providing as much information on what the presets do for my customers. I proudly stand behind each of my preset collections and happy to see them used by hundreds of professional photographers around the world. The images in the product description are created by just the presets (no additional presets were ever made to the image). I've also created video click-throughs for some of the collections to show you exactly what they do. 

    In order to give you access to these presets right away, I made this a digital product. I hope you understand that since it is digital I am unable to offer refunds or exchanges. Before completing your purchase please be sure to read the full product description, view the before and after photos and make sure that you have the appropriate software. All sales are final once the purchase has been made. 

    Please also understand that presets will vary depending on user's original work and that most of my preset collections come with adjustment presets to help you perfect them to your own work.