The Lifestyle Preset Pack

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Lightroom presets, for Mobile & Desktop, highlighting the natural esthetic with beautiful muted color tones and pops of color. Inspired and created on the beautiful island of Maui. Developed for anyone who have a love of photography and wants to create beautiful work with their professional photos and everyday mobile photos! 

This collection now comes with mobile exclusive mobile presets & Desktop Presets. Mobile presets are only compatible with the Lightroom Mobile App which is available in the App store for FREE. There is no subscription required, and you can easily install these presets directly to your mobile phone. 
  • Presets in .DNG format for Lightroom Mobile
  • Presets in .lrtemplate file format for Lightroom Classic & CC
  • Presets in .xmp file format 
    • for Lightroom Classic & CC 
    • Presets in .xmp file format for
    • Photoshop ACR 

      Q: How are the mobile preset packs different from preset collections?
      A: Our traditional preset collections are for professional photographers. They work best on RAW files and include 40+ presets. Although you can install our larger collections into both Lightroom and Lightroom mobile, you'll need to install them into the desktop version first before syncing over to the mobile app. The mobile exclusive preset packs include 5 special presets that can be installed directly into your Lightroom Mobile App or Desktop Lightroom.

      Q: Can I use these preset in my Lightroom Desktop version?
      A: Yes! The exclusive mobile preset packs can be installed directly to your Lightroom mobile app and it also includes the desktop Lightroom preset file types for those who want to use it in Lightroom Classic or Lightroom CC.

      Q: How do I install them into my Lightroom Mobile?
      A: Once your order is complete you'll get re-directed to your download. You can follow the step by step install instructions HERE as well as watch our easy to follow video tutorial. 
      1. Once you have purchase desired mobile pack, wait for the download link (you'll get one right after checkout as well as one emailed to you) 
      1. Click on the download to download the preset pack zip file (if you are working on iPhones, hold down to open in safari) 
      2. Once zip file has been downloaded, unzip the file using iZip (or whatever zip file app you love to use). 
      3. You'll now see the DNG preset files.
      4. Open each DNG preset file in Lightroom Mobile.
      5. Once you have these DNG files you'll click on the top dots, and choose "Create Preset" 
      6. Create a NEW preset group (call this Modern Market Mobile Preset Pack I) 
      7. And create a preset for each DNG file. (you can label these 1. Modern Market Preset Pack I)
      Q: Is Lightroom Free?
      A: The Lightroom Mobile App is 100% free. For those looking for the desktop versions of Lightroom, such as Classic or CC, Adobe has a monthly subscription that you can sign up for. To use these presets in the Lightroom Mobile App is completely free.
      Q: What exactly are presets?
      A: For those new to using Lightroom, presets work the same as Instagram filters. Each preset has special adjustments that are made, editing your image for you with just a simple click of a button.